Terms and conditions


To secure a 918Kiss player's account, one should of legal age. The general age is 18 years and above but the age of consent in your jurisdiction should be followed. We need customers who will easily abide by our terms and conditions and be responsible for their gambling actions. Any dealings involving minors will be quickly canceled by 918Kiss.
For individual gaming rules, our partners' site rules should always prevail. When disputes arise, we reserve the right to forward the customer complaints to our partner's sites for a solution. Upon forwarding, our customers are kept in tabs with the latest updates on their issues. Despite that, we have the right to enquire about our partners' final decision.
Be advised that our partners' site will at any point decline any abnormal beats. Upon detection of bets placed by the use of artificial intelligence or bots, we will reject the bets with no apology. This is in line with our quest to provide our players with the maximum security while on the server.

918Kiss will not be liable to any hacking that comes from the player's side. The credit losses we are only responsible for are those that are from our gaming servers since that's our security issue.

To maintain security, we prohibit players from withdrawing before they have deposited and played on their accounts.


Security to our customers is the number one priority and that's why we do what is within our reach to provide the best precautions. We do this by hiring expert personnel and excellent security software to keep everything in check. By so doing, we protect you from hackers and any other malicious activities.

Nonetheless, it's the player's sole responsibility to keep their accounts safe. Their username and passwords should be kept safe and private at all times. No sharing of personal details should ever happen. 918Kiss reserve no right to compensate you in case your password is compromised or stolen for other benefits.

Bonus terms and conditions

Bonuses are distributed only once to one account. Only one payment method/computer, one real money account, one valid email address, and one person is awarded the bonus. In the event that a player has a second account, the wins, bonuses, and payments are forfeited. We reserve the right to withhold even the original deposits made.

The withdrawal process should never take place before promotional rollover needs are met. On top of that, withdrawal is not approved if the amount, bonus and winnings are not approved.
This is the criteria in case a member has applied for a bonus but it hasn't been credited yet:

  • The balance is confirmed not enough for the bonus rollover required. We reserve the right to request for a top-up of the balance or deposit a fresh amount before the crediting is done.
  • Making a request to withdraw.

If the rollover requirement has not been satisfied, 918Kiss reserves the right to reject the withdrawal. Upon fulfilling the condition, a member can make the second withdrawal request.

This is what happens when the players go on playing even when their balance has already been credited.
When a member places bets continuously even after their promotion bonus is credited, we reserve the right to reject the cancellation request or withdraw the bonus. 918Kiss will only entertain this if the member satisfies the turnover promotion bonus condition.

To qualify for the promotional turnover requirement, only wagers that give a win/loss return are accounted for. This exempts void wagers and draws bets.
25% of total wagers placed on any game of Roulette and 50% RNG games slots should be considered in wagering of any bonus. Unless otherwise stated in terms of any promotion, this condition should prevail for all slot games.

We reserve the right to an extension of the bonus period at any time. 918Kiss can either decrease or increase in this period.
Upon signing up, 918Kiss reserves the right to be provided with enough proof of identity for evidence and security reasons. Personal information, payment details, and other additional information should be applied for passing security checks set aside.

To avoid the accumulation of bets this condition must prevail. The second deposit bonus should always follow the first deposit bonus over other promotions.
There's should be no taking advantage of the promotional offers by anyone. So, no employee or their relative or even 918Kiss representative should own a player's account.
We do our best to secure all your information but certain circumstances force us to divert. We, therefore, have the right to publish your first name, first initial surname and your country of origin in promotional quests. However, we always notify the players before making any publications.

Any player interested to participate in any promotion offered by 918Kiss must abide by the above terms and conditions. When a player wants to disagree with any of the terms and conditions, they can contact the 918Kiss support team for further assistance.


When you receive deposits, 918Kiss will only make deposits after confirmation. We advise you to keep a record of your bank receipt as well as the transaction reference number in case we request it in the future for proof of transfer.

For the quicker transactions, contact the customer support team after you've successfully withdrawn. In so doing, we ensure we credit the balance to your account within 15 minutes.
Also, when requesting a withdrawal, we need players to give us their username, bank account number, and account balance. We, however, have the right to reject member withdrawals in the event of the verification process. In case there are problems with the information provided, we reserve the right to decline too.