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If you’re familiar with the  team, then you’re undoubtedly conversant with our free online slots. Truth be told, just as every other casino games fan out there, we too, enjoy playing it for real currency. Common challenges are often experienced by casino games fan - ourselves included - while searching for reliable online casinos. The aura is always one where we’re scared of cheaters, and being defrauded. There’s always that uncertainty with determining if we’re playing  the original games. Very often there are hidden traps in wager requirements and the challenge in knowing if the casino can operate in our country by way of licensing.


However, you’ve landed on the right page as we intend to use this opportunity to give you a thorough drill on all that there is to online casino games. We’re going to talk about what online casino games are, generally, how to pick the most reliable one, the available bonuses you can get, and the points you should mindfully watch out for to avoid being defrauded by scammers. We’ll go further to provide a substantial list of the most reliable online casinos with the best online casino reviews where you can play  your best real money slots.


Online Casinos Types


It’s normal if as an experienced gambler you don’t find any new information here. However, if you fall in the inexperienced class, and still unsure of the best online casinos then you’re certainly on the right page. We’ll gladly take this opportunity to drill you on the various types of online casinos, payment systems and the ways you should use them. We’ll also talk about how to make your first deposit, how to withdraw your initial winning and every information you need before creating an online casino account and making your initial deposit. Obviously, if these things are superficially looked at, one would quickly assume that they are pretty easy, however, some time is needed to actually go into it. Undoubtedly, you can handle these things by yourself but we’re here to ease you of some of the stress of reading multiple online casinos review. We want you to just focus on playing. The SlotsUp team is pretty reliable in guiding you on the basics of the gambling industry. We’re going to talk about the types of online casinos that you’re likely to experience on the gambling market.


No Download Online Casinos

Also referred to as instant play online casino. This is undoubtedly the best place to start your gambling journey. Apparently, the no download online casinos does not require downloads and the real money slots are playable through the browser. Even with the development of HTML5 Slots by some casino games providers, there still exists the need, in most cases, to install the Flash plugin. To play in instant online casinos you have to access the website, sign up or in, deposit money and start exploring real money games. It’s convenient, fast and it doesn’t take up any space on your device.


Download Online Casino

As suggested by its name, it’s one that requires download, the direct opposite of the no download casinos. Majority of online casinos work in the no download model. However, some others are still stuck in the old ways, that is, the outdated download versions. For gambling games to be accessed, some softwares need to be installed on your device.


Live Casino

There are always cases where one feels like they are not getting the full experience when playing online casino games. Playing live casinos looks to bring that thrilling experience to every gambler. Here, the real dealers from around the world are connected, and the game is played through the web camera. One common thing with live casinos is that the cards are usually larger in size than the real cards. This is so to ensure that everyone participating clearly sees the card regardless of the size of the screen of the device they are joining with. Although predominantly used for card games such as blackjack and baccarat, some live casinos offer roulette games too and other casino games. It’s always amazing as it looks to bring the thrill of actually playing in one of the big casinos in Vegas to your small corner.


Mobile Casinos

It’s no secret today that technological wave has swept through our world, and that almost everything has been affected by it. For instance, bills can be paid right from our smartphones, food can be ordered through the same device and lots of things that were not possible at some point in our history. In the same manner, gambling has not been left out of the list of affected elements. Today it is possible to enjoy your poker or spin real money reels in the mobile casino. A good number of casino games providers include mobile casinos among their collection and you’ll be able to access this from your smartphone. Also, some of these casinos have mobile applications that when downloaded enables you to play real money slots and lots of other casino games.


Virtual Reality Casino

Playstation lovers are much more familiar with the effect virtual reality adds to their gaming experience. Couple of years ago this wasn’t like a trend but there’s no denying now that it looks like the custodian of the future. Imagine what it would feel like to be able to have a shot in the casino or spin the reels of real money slots from the comfort of your home. Mind blowing, yeah? The fantastic thing is that your VR headset is all that you need to be able to savor this beautiful experience. If you’ve ever tried Oculus Rift then you surely understand why it’s really exciting to explore with virtual reality. We’re certain that the future of gambling is only going to get more attractive. This is quite evident, especially on gambling trade shows. Usually, VR sets are always shown to the public, a telling sign that it wouldn’t take long before all casinos embrace the the future and what it has to offer in technological value. Truth be told, these types of games require some sort of equipment that would cost you some money. However, there’s the exhilarating experience to enjoy so that’d simply be throwing your money for a good course. Also, you’re always going to get it back through your winnings.


Casino Bonuses Types

This is the mouth watering part of online gambling, our favorite part to state the least. When surfing the internet for just anything, we often run into lots of casino ads with really enticing offers such as the guaranteed free spins, no deposit bonus and so much more. In this section we’re going to learn about what these bonuses are and what’s the unique thing about each of them. Attention would be given to at least three main types of bonuses often available on almost if not all online casinos.


Welcome or Sign Up Bonus

By it’s standards, the most adored online casinos bonus. However, one thing with welcome bonus is that you are only eligible for it once. You’re rewarded after you make your first deposit. It’s a bonus to welcome you to the gambling world. Usually, online casinos give as much 100% of the total amount of initial deposit. Notwithstanding, some of the big online casinos in the industry don’t often do the regular one time award of a welcome bonus, but also offer additional bonus packages that stretches further after your first deposit. For instance, you may be awarded 100% for your initial deposit, 50% for your second and about 20% on your third deposit.


No Deposit Casino Bonus

In accordance with its name, it’s a type of bonus that out of the generosity of the casino you could get be eligible for after creating an account before making a deposit. In other words, it’s also a welcome bonus by its rights. No deposit casino bonus means that you can explore online casino games without any deposit being made by you. It’s really amazing because you could actually win some real money from absolute nothingness.


Free Spins Bonus

Normally, the term “free spins” is often associated with online slots. This particular bonus is one where the online casino offers you free games in the most popular categories or from the displayed slots. On most online casino websites, detailed and complete  information about the free spins bonus is always given. Also, it’s always advised to visit this section to know and understand how free spins bonuses work. This information is usually on the website's promotion page.


The above types of bonuses are the most common with any most online casinos. However, some casinos offer more than these three. Some casinos offer happy hour bonus or gambling marathons. With the happy hour bonus games can be played at discounted rates. This increases your chances of winning even more money.


How do we choose Online Casinos

Now this is a really important one because you might be interested in knowing how we pick some of the best online casinos for the SlotsUp website. Within our arsenal is quality experience that we’ve accumulated over time  due to our existence and strides in the gambling industry. Our experience makes it quite easy for us to quickly spot an unreliable online casino at a glance. However, the online casinos listed on our website weren’t just picked by mere looking, some boxes have to be ticked for it to be deemed reliable, trusted and safe. We’re going to take a quick look at the various criteria that must be met in this section


  1. License. It’s important to talk about it first and foremost before any other criteria because it’s absolutely impossible to ignore its importance. Online casinos must be licensed by the appropriate authorities. We’ll talk more about licensing as we proceed in this article.
  2. There’s supposed to be a live customer support to attend to the questions of players. This live customer support should be able to offer answers concerning the whole gaming process, questions about deposits and withdrawals.
  3. It’s of utmost importance to work with online casinos who have duly earned for themselves a good reputation over the years. There are certain websites that put together a list of licensed and trustworthy online casinos and we value their opinion. Some of such websites include Wizard of Odds and the Casinomeister.
  4. Reliability of an online casino could  also be pegged to how broad its portfolio of online casino games from trusted developers is. Commonly, online casinos games from the famous gambling developers are usually provided by the big real money casinos. Such developers include microgaming, NetEnt, etc.
  5. Reliable online casinos are often characterized by its high payout limits and the swiftness of the payout process. Also important to note is the time needed to get things done on the site, and to process payout requests. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 48 hours to get done with this process. If it takes more than that then it could be a warning sign that you’re not on the right site.


Casino Games

Online real money casinos differ from each other by way of offering different gambling games on their websites. It’s a common practice by most casinos to place some sort of limit on the types of gambling games that are included on their list. Most of these casinos offer only slots games while some others are okay with the idea of mixing things up with other casino games like baccarat, blackjack, scratch cards, video poker and lots of other ones. Few of the no download casinos offer a wider variety of demo games list than we offer but efforts is always invested by us to add the newest slots games to our own list. The demo game option is really suitable to newbies as it actually lets you explore the available games before coming to a conclusion of whether you want to play it with your money or not. It’s quite evident that the newbies tend to benefit most from this. This introduces gambling and how it actually works to the inexperienced to help them practice for some time before attempting to play with money, and in honing their gambling skills.


However, if we’re being compared with other online casino websites, we are undoubtedly advantaged. All of SlotsUp’s casino games - over 3000 slots - are available to be played for free by default. On our website you can also play various real money games for free. If you want to play with real currency then all you need to do is click the “play in casino” tab, this redirects you to the online casino with your desired game in its list. We use your current location to make a selection of the casinos available in your country. All of this is only possible due to our custom designed algorithm.


Payment Systems

There’s always a need to choose your most convenient method of payment while playing in the online casino. There are lots of options available for payment. Some are more popular than others. Some of them are not available on all the online casinos yet, however they still have their followers. Besides the availability of various payment methods, there are various acceptable currencies in the gambling industry. We’ll list out some of the most popular payment alternatives available to you


  • Visa/MasterCard:

We live in a cashless society today. There’s barely any store - local and online - that doesn’t accept payment through credit card. This method is quite convenient, safe and fast. It is the easiest way to make any deposits on your online casino.


  • PayPal:

PayPal today is pretty much a household name. It ranks as one of the most popular methods of payment for online casinos. It holds a reputation of securing its users, so you can be rest assured that your money is safe. It’s a very convenient way to make deposits and withdrawals from the site. However, there are still a lot of countries where PayPal doesn’t  work. In such places, gamblers are forced to pick another payment option.


  • Neteller:

At some point in the gambling industry, it ranked as the most popular payment method. That this payment method is available in over 150 countries in the world goes further to emphasize how global this e-wallet payment method has gone. Although the credit card method has totally replaced Neteller, it hasn’t lost its relevance in the gambling industry. Many casinos still use Neteller as the main payment method. Gamblers in the United States cannot use this payment method.


  • Paysafecard:

This is also another convenient method of making payment on online casinos. It is a prepaid credit card being sold at over half a million outlets across the world. People who opt for this option are often ones who are scared of internet scammers  and fraudsters. The will to keep their credit card information secret makes this option readily enticing. The problem with this method is that there are places where it could get pretty difficult to find, most especially in small countries.


Apart from these four payment systems, there are a couple other alternatives available to you. Payment and withdrawals can be made through bank wire, check, cryptocurrencies, Entropay and EcoPayz methods. You’re always advised to look up the website to see the available payment options before you carry out any transactions.


Gambling Licenses

The importance of licensing cannot be overstated. An online casino is only allowed to operate in the gambling industry only after it has met certain criteria. A casino is licensed by the gambling authorities when it confirm that it has met up to certain standards as stipulated by the board of regulation. The casinos locaton determines the jurisdiction that’d be responsible for its licensing. A few of these jurisdictions include UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Commission, the Isle of Man Gambling Jurisdiction and lots of others.


It’s important to note that SlotsUp doesn’t have any connection with any unlicensed online casinos. We make sure that all the online casinos available in our list have all the required licenses to operate in the industry. On this note, gamblers can feel safe while playing as it is assured that nothing can go wrong while you’re having your time.


Good Luck!

We’re constantly in deep research of good online casinos. You can be assured that all the online casinos on are website have been thoroughly researched before being added to our list. At the start of your gambling journey you’re going to find lots of online casinos on the internet that actually look reliable and safe. Do yourself better by reading up online casino reviews on our website and on others too. We have social media pages on some of the most popular social platforms. This is our effort to get as close to you as possible to always tell you more about online casinos, real money slots and to answer any related questions that you might have to ask concerning the gambling industry. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask anything as we’re committed to easing your gambling journey, especially the inexperienced gamblers.


Also, there’s a common phenomenon you should keep your mind on when gambling, that is gambling awareness. Establish a simple fact in your mind that gambling is entertainment. It’s logical to be reminded that entertainment in any form costs money. Enjoy gambling and understand that you stand a chance of hitting the jackpot or losing everything. The best advice would be to take both winnings and losses for granted. If you lose everything be sure to remind yourself again that entertainment costs money. Honestly, gambling shouldn’t be your main source of income. Enjoy gambling and be easy on yourself when you’re not winning. We enjoy real money games a lot and it’s great to win real money through it. We wish you good luck in gambling and we hope that you enjoy yourself while playing. We have free demo games and reviews for you and we hope you enjoy those too.

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