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Are you the real fan of SCR888? We've good news for you. You will be glad to know that each one of your favorite slot games Malaysia is also downloaded and compete on your mobile smartphone. We have the only SCR888 transfer guide assembled for you.


Line ID - 918KISS

As we know, gambling in Asia is speedily growing each year, and it's become the only online gambling platform. Moreover, Asian gambling is known all around the world. If you are alert to the gambling in Malaysia but have never known it, then do not compel to fret. On this page, you may notice the directions to transfer 918KISS mobile games. These mobile Apps assist you to play online casino games, as well as slot. Once you transfer SCR888 on your phone, you will be able to move to this online Casino Platform. Below we've provided the instruction on how to download.

Download SCR888 APK for Android

Step 1. Open your Internet browser on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Then type in the URL.

scr888 android download - step 1

Step 3: Select the Android version.

android download - step 2

Step 4: After download, you can install the App.

APK download - step 3

Step 5: After installation, you can launch the SCR888 casino.

APK download - step 4

Download for iPhone (iOS)


Line ID

After Steve Jobs took to the stage in 2007 to announce the launch of iPhone devices, the advance of mobile phones has never looked back. Tech companies have ever since created different brands with the iPhone operating system. Therefore, the gambling space has become bigger and better as the players are just a click away from their iPhone powered devices. To download SCR888/918KISS on your iPhone, you only need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Safari app on your iPhone

scr888 iphone download - step 1

Step 2: Select the iOS version:

scr888 iphone download - step 2

Step 3: Press "Install":

iphone download - step 3

Step 4: After installation is complete the "SCR888" app pops up on the screen

ios download - step 4

Step 5: Click on the app, press cancel:

ios download - step 5

Step 6: Go to settings app to change security:

ios download - step 6

Step 7: Select General settings:

iphone download - step 7

Step 8: Then go to device management:

iphone download - step 8

Step 9: Press the "All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd." button:

iphone download - step 9

Step 10: Click on Trust "All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.":

iphone download - step 10

Step 11: Select Trust then start enjoying the slot games on your App:

iphone download - step 11

Once you have successfully installed the device on your iPhone, you can easily access magnificent casino games online. Gambling in Asia has many options to choose from. Therefore, once you’re set with your SCR888 iOS download, there’s no Asian betting you can evade. All these games slots in the app are here to make your casino world the best.
Check out your tablets at any time you are free at work or just relaxing in your apartment. You can find free credits and bonuses for new members. They help you familiarize yourself with the 918Kiss betting platform. By the time you upgrade to buy the credits, you are pro-ready to win Mega Jackpots and huge cashouts.

The Malaysian casino players should keep their login ID and passwords confidential to avoid leaking of information about their progress in the games. Who wants to be stalked everywhere, even in the gambling world? In case of any challenges playing the online slots or logging in or withdrawing the cashouts, the customer support is there to assist.

The number of casino players though Android is still increasing. The excellent features of the iPhone allow enjoying a wonderful gaming experience that makes you glued to the screen of your tablet. The user interface is amazing and friendly, letting the user navigate their favorite games with ease. Nothing can beat the great background music on each of the online slots, which motivates you to play more, win more, and get rich.

SCR888 for PC


scr888 - Line ID

There is no need to sit in stuffed up casinos, with constant chatter and noise around, once you will participate within the same quite diversion online. For your convenience, the 918 kiss laptop transfer provides a real pleasure from the Asian slot games in your home atmosphere. The imitator -NoxPlayer can offer you the chance to play on your laptop or PC, and it costs nothing. To proceed with the easy transfer and got wind of, make sure that your laptop technical details, like the memory capability, can offer enough space and performance.
Follow this SCR888 casino app PC/Mac downloading instruction:

Get the provided NoxPlayer and download the version you need:

scr888 PC download - step 1

After the download, open the emulator and click on the "Start" button:

PC download - step 2

Pick the "Install" option and check the "Terms and conditions" field:

PC download - step 3

One the installation is complete, open the browser in the NoxPlayer emulator:

PC download - step 4

Download the SCR888 application that you can find on the provided link, inside the NoxPlayer:

PC download - step 5

After the download of the application, press "Next":

PC download - step 6

Proceed to install it:

PC download - step 7

After the installation is successful you can enter your SCR888 casino ID and password in the appropriate fields:

PC download - step 8

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